Switched the DNS, and…done! Here is this 20+-year-old-blog in a fancy new home! (If I recall, its first home was actually in my home…on a Pentium running Linux and Apache.) Now it’s using Hugo for a static generator, and being served with Apache. Moving over the previous content was easy, as my home-grown solution also used Markdown as its content format. A small shell script to add the front-matter was all that was needed.

The new setup lets me write a plain text file using Markdown, which is easy from anywhere. I drop that in a git repository, CI/CD notes that, builds the site, and pushes it to the server, along with some static material. This allows me to “just write”…and it’s time to do just that: get some new posts on here.

Don’t forget! If you’re a person that still follows this blog using RSS, you’ll need to update your feed URL to: https://www.radiotope.com/index.xml