It’s time for a move! I’m moving this blog to a new host, still on a VM, and still under my control (like a camera on manual…mostly), and a new blog hosting solution.

In the post Why, when I had originally moved this blog to a self-written solution, I had good reasons, and now, I have similar reasons.

  • I still control the content, server, and stack
  • Posts are still in a plain-text format that is easily written, moved, and manipulated
  • I get to learn some newer technology
  • It’s still a static site, with no real moving parts
  • I can still post easily from any device I own

This ticks all of the boxes that I need right now.

If you’re a person that still follows this blog using RSS, you’ll need to update your feed URL to:

During this week, I’ll move DNS, and it will all be seamlessly live.