I’ve gone through a few prototypes, and have settled on a basic, old-school ajax model. The main load routine simply grabs the right thing from the server and displays it in the right div in the browser (with style!).

I set up a git repo at Gitlab. Why not Github, where I pretty much have everything else? I’ve been meaning to check out Gitlab for a while, and it’s pretty nice. Gitlab also lets you create private repos in the base (read: free) configuration. (Yes, this blogging project is in a private repo for now.)

I may look at using Caddy Server to serve up these files, but no promises. Caddy Server seems ike a great fit, plus it has nice integration with Let’s Encrypt. Right now, with Apache, you do need to set up the Let’s Encrypt integration and renewals yourself. (Not difficult, but not automatic, either.)