##Launched! So, I’ve launched the new blog. It isn’t perfect, so there is certainly more work to do. Some styling tweaks, for one. I’ve also made another decision: I need to write a maintenance program.

Yes, I initially decided on ensuring that this blog system would require nothing besides the web server itself, two of the shortcomings wound up being important enough to me that I’d like to address them. Since you’ll likely need to run some kind of cron job to refresh/check the server’s TLS cert, one more job would be just fine. I have two goals for this maintenance program:

  • Build a sensible index/navigation system.
  • Create an RSS feed.

The first goal is much higher priority, and likely easier. The lack of a previous/next post really bothers me. I’ll attack this portion soon. Having an RSS feed is much lower priority for me and I don’t have a feeling of when I’ll actually get to it.

Another task is to bring over some of my older, but still relevant posts. I launched this blog quickly, and on a new server as my old site, based on an older version of Drupal, and somewhat ignored on the maintenance side, looks like it had a number of unpatched vulnerabilities. So, it was time to dive in! (I have a no adverts policy, so, no one is losing money if this site is down 😀).

Now look at this, I’m actually getting better at blogging again!