Another Virtual Conference?

First, this isn’t a real “review”. I’ve been routinely speaking at MacSysAdmin for, well…a while now. It was already one of my favorite events. Due to the worldwide pandemic of 2020, like many other events, it is on-line only this year. I am “speaking” again this year (via a pre-recorded session).

I won’t pretend that this is what I want: I’d much rather be in a conference venue with other delegates, watching and listening to presentations live. I miss the hallway track, and I miss evening social events. With all of that said, this year’s event has been the next best thing.

How’s It Going?

The conference organizer, Patrik Jerneheim, chose to use pre-recorded sessions, and release all sessions for a given day in the morning. This solves the issue of time zones, and the problem for viewers trying to juggle a schedule while at home. (We all have things going on now for personal or professional reasons, like it or not. It’s fantastic to be able to watch sessions in the order I like, and at my convenience.) All of the sessions have shown humor and creativity on top of the great technical content.

During the day, there is chat in a Slack channel to discuss sessions, or just have some social chat. It’s just the right amount.

(Not) The End

We’re halfway through the event, and my session is tomorrow (Thursday…so, it has probably already been released by the time you read this). If you find the blooper reel, please watch the actual session first! I’m really looking forward to the next two days, the sessions, the memories from previous years, and the hope that next year, we can all meet in person again.