Happy New Year/MacWorld

Happy 2007! Although time is an abstract, and arbitrary in reality, the new year does provide a nice point for reflection and change. Time to review backup procedures? For your personal machine (think digital photos)? Time to hunker down and dig into a topic that you've always wanted to learn? It's time.

I Love Spam

OK, perhaps love is a bit extreme.  But some of the messages that do make it past the filter do provide me with a few laughs sometimes.  I mean, who can come up with names like Herculaneum L. Pelvises?  Great stuff!!

Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro

This is not so much a review, as it is simple opinion.  I'd been waiting for the MacBooks to reach their 'rev 2' state and very specifically for a 64-bit chip.  I ordered my 17" MacBook the day the Core 2 Duo availability was announced.  I've been using it for a little over a week now and have one word for it: perfect.

MacTech Articles On-line

Apple Mail.app and Courier IMAP Server

Overall, Apple's Mail.app has pretty lousy IMAP support. Mail.app can be pleasing to use for basic needs. POP accounts fare well. But get it into a situation where you need some control, like subscribing to particular mail folders, and you're going to be disappointed. Also, if you really stress it with multiple IMAP accounts, you may be staring at a SPOD more than you'd like. However, I was able to pass on the following tip recently.

MacWorld 2007 Presentations

E-mail is Never Late

This can be a difficult concept for people to understand sometimes, but, e-mail is never 'late'.  In the world of electronic mail, there is no expectation of a delivery time.  Well, end-users perhaps expect that it shows up where they expect 'immediately,' perhaps, but shouldn't.  Instantaneous delivery is prevented by simple physics, although, it may seem at times like delivery is close to that.

Those Dashboard Clocks!

I work with people all around the world, which can get a little taxing when having to think about who you may be disturbing with a phone call at some particular time of their day.  Apple's Dashboard (or, of course, Yahoo's Konfabulator Widges) is perfect for this.  Load up a bunch of clocks with each time zone I need to refer to.

OS X: How To Perform an Action During Fast User Switch

Becoming a FAQ: "How do I [perform some action] when fast user switching is invoked?" Alternatively, the question is "How do I perform some action when my IP address changes?" or some similar query. Brace yourself: it is possible, but there's no GUI for it. You have to dive for a shell.

Portable Applications? No Surprise to Mac Users.

In the Windows world, moving an application can be a real pain.  Thanks to reliance on the registry, it can sometimes be easier to reinstall an application than to move it from one internal drive to another.  Of course, Mac users have no problem with this concept - even before OS X.  Want an app in a different location?  Just drag-and-drop it where you want it.  Of course, on a corporate network, you may be restricted to where you run an app from.  However, this run-from-anywhere mentality extends to removable media, including USB flash ("thumb") drives.

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