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Changing OS X Tiger Screenshot Format

How to make the default screenshot format PDF, like Panther, or any other format.

Destroyed Data (On Purpose)

Destroy that data when you're done with it!

E-Mail Privacy

Ways to protect and validate e-mail

Why Not Backup?

If you're on a large business network, or have a single laptop, backing up your data is critical...and my recent near-miss. A tiny backup guide.

Why NOT Admin

Why your primary account shouldn't be admin-level - Mac, Windows or Unix.

Sometimes it can be difficult to grasp: why do I want to limit myself? Why do I want to make things more difficult?

It's important to make the distinction, though: by not running as admin, you're not limiting yourself, but protecting yourself.

And Now For The Speculation

Speculation and emotion on Apple’s Intel chip switch.

I say that I like dealing in facts, and the only fact that remains is this: there’s only one person who knows all of the details to this arrangement: Steve Jobs. Everyone else is just guessing. Some may have better educated guesses than others, but they’re guessing none-the-less. Here’s my guesses on the matter

Why did this happen? Overall, I want to convince everyone that is isn’t a bad thing. But first, to the speculation:

Intel Based Macs

The sky isn’t falling, Hell hasn’t frozen over.

I’ve already received many e-mails that have asked the same question: “What does this mean, and how does it affect my business?” Don’t worry, it doesn’t.

What's Listening to That Port?

How to determine what process is listening to a port under OS X

Many times, people are confused when they try to run a program, and it tells them that it can’t bind to a port because the port is already in use. How can you figure this out? First, like most good things, you have to open up

Once there, you need to use sudo, or get root through su.

The quickest way to see if a port is in use is to use netstat and grep. Let’s say were looking for port 80:

$ netstat -an | grep 80
tcp4 0 0 *.80 *.* LISTEN
2a0c880 stream 0 0 2c02f78 0 0 0 /private/var/run/cupsd

Terminal: The Book

Anyone who knows the tech-Ed-Marczak knows that I like (yes, “like”, as in, ‘prefer’) working on the command line. Every machine I’ve ever used or owned had a CLI interface: a 286 running DOS, my Mac IIci (OK, I had to write a shell for OS 8 - but MacsBug was pretty close), a Windows DOS box, and now, OS X.

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