Choose Your Clients Carefully

When I was consulting, I think I had a pretty keen sense of who to work with and who to avoid. I know far too many people, though, that get trapped in a less-than-ideal work scenario. For those that need it spelled out, Derek Powazek explains it a little more clearly than I ever could: don't work for, um...jerks. Excellent post:

Frankly, the advice works well for choosing a work partner or work environment in general.

The End of Formal Consulting

While I've mentioned this verbally to people that I know, face to face, over the phone and in e-mail, I haven't really set a stake in the ground: I've shut down the formal consulting part of my life. I've been wrapping things up since the beginning of this year and transitioning things to others as much as possible.

It would be wrong to say that I'm shutting down "Radiotope," as it existed before I was formally consulting, and will continue on now.

Radiotope: Featured Marketcircle Partner

Radiotope is currently Marketcircle's "Featured Partner" for the month of November. Why? Well, we perform a lot of work with their primary product, Daylite. Daylite is an incredible sales and project management tool available only on Apple's OS X platform. Radiotope provides data conversion, report writing, training and implementation services.

Find out more about Daylite at

For posterity:

WWDC: Travelling

I'll be attending the annual Apple World Wide Developer Conference from Saturday the 9th of June, through the 14th.  You can still reach me via e-mail and mobile, but NY clients should realize I'm not in town (and take into account the time difference).

Yes, I'm leaving the conference early: my daughter has her pre-K graduation, and I intend on being present at it.

If you're also one of those people attending WWDC and want to get together, please let me know, and I'll see you there!

Speaking at the Apple Market Center on OpenDirectory

Looks like I have another speaking date: Tuesday, the 10th of July at the Apple Market Center in Mid-town Manhattan.  The topic this time is OpenDirectory.  I'm just starting to put the slides together now, so, if you'll be there and want something covered, let me know now.

This will be a presentation for the tri-state chapter of the Apple Consultants Network, so, members or by invite only.


Tuesday, 10th of July
Apple Market Center
(153 E. 53rd Street @ Lexington Avenue, 29th Floor)
6:00 PM

WheresSpot "v3" Goes Live

A web-based project that I've been working on for some time now has (finally) gone live: WheresSpot.  This is an ambitions upgrade for us and brings so many advantages over our previous site, that I can't quite name them all.  Rather than give users individual blogs, there's one master 'Community Blog' that people can contribute to (and yes, we're pinging the major sites, so everyone gets some exposure).

Upcoming Presentations

I've been giving presentations on technical topics in one form or another for as long as I can remember: to co-workers at a company, to groups at companies that request me, or now, independently to groups that voluntarily show up :-).  While all of this started out with casual presentations, things have only been getting more formal.  I have two scheduled presentations that fit this category, and one that still doesn't have a date set.

Journey Into Certification

As a member of the Apple Consultants Network, I need to maintain a current certification.  In general, I'm not a believer in certification.  There are many people that are certified that simply know how to take tests, and can't really perform when the time comes.  Of course, the opposite is true, too, as there are many exceptionally talented individuals that hold no official certification (who can perform better than many 'certified' admins).  However, for me, the reality is that if I want to remain in the ACN program, I need to h

Customer Relations Management Lessons

Like many people that are my age - let's just say the 1980s were my formative years - I had a VCR, and needed someplace to rent movies from.  This started out as the small, local shop.  But then Blockbuster came along and claimed dominance.  And why not*?  Practically any movie you could think of was there and in stock.  I stuck with Blockbuster for a long time.  And then I moved.

Macworld San Francisco 2006

Looks like I'll be there this year...

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