In Memoriam: Michael Bartosh 1977-2006

Fellow tech, writer, blogger, human and Apple technology star Michael Bartosh passed away suddenly on the 12th of June, 2006.  Michael's passing has had, and will continue to have, an impact on the Apple community.  Many people have known Michael on one level or another, and most have been assisted by him on the technology side somewhere in their path.

More on RSI/CTS

Since my initial post about my battle with RSI, a lot of people have gotten in touch with me one way or another to discuss their plights, and what has or has not worked for them.  My situation has also improved dramatically.

Why OS X Security Still Wins

More sudo vs. su

You can 'get root' using sudo or by using su, however, be aware that they handle things a bit differently.

I've still been seeing some debate about which is better: the use of sudo, or simply using root or su.  They both have their place, actually, but the point here is that they work differently.

Long Live Firewire

OK, perhaps I'm not that electrified by Firewire.  However, after the 5th generation iPods dropped Firewire, and then the first MacBookPro lost FW800, many people began to surmise that Apple was going to abandon Firewire altogether.  Well, today's announcement of the first 17" Intel-based MacBook should set everyone's mind at ease: the FW800 connectivity has returned.  I actually do use FW800 quite a bit, and it did irk me that it disappeared on the 15" MacBook.  So much for rev. 1.

ARD 3.0: Up and Running

Apple just released Apple Remote Desktop version 3.0. I don't need to be an advertisement for the product. Apple does that well enough at the product page. So? What's left to say? First, ARD got an image overhaul:

ARD 3.0

Figure 1 - ARD's new look

MacTech April 2006: It's out!

Security: The Weakest Link

I realize this is a bit old, but it's the first it happened across my radar:

Times Bank Robbery Story

Amazing.  Just remember: The weakest link in security has been, and always will be, people.

Microsoft's Marketing Genius?

Updating Windows Default Domain

Every few months I need to update a Terminal Server or Citrix box to login, by default, to a particular Windows Domain.  Every few months just isn't enough to sear the info into my brain.  So here, for my benefit as much as anyones, is how to change the default domain that Windows logs into.  Of course, we're headed for the registry.  Run regedit and dive down:

  Windows NT
    Current Version

(I'd take a screenshot, but we're buried a little too deep this time)

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